The world's first patent was granted for an application in logistics and one of the largest companies in Germany for mobility solutions applied for protection for its technology as early as 1886.


Unique selling points, both large and small, are important for success in the market. The mobility market of the future is facing major upheaval and has become more international and more competitive in all areas.


Completely new product platforms are developing that offer mobility users a much wider range of products. Electrically operated scooters, e-bikes, e-cars, pedelecs, trains, e-copters and air taxis are just examples of the variety of products that are created. Unfortunately, many of them are not from German providers. The development cycles and costs are very high. Therefore, the uniqueness of the product should be secured by property rights in order to be able to achieve high yields.. Trademark protection, patent protection or protection of the product design can be of use here. Intelligent property rights solutions are now also available for software solutions, which can make it more difficult for competitors to follow into new markets. 

The value of brands, patents and designs and their commercial use is so important to Mercedes Benz that they have founded their own subsidiary Daimler Brand & IP Management GmbH & Co KG for this purpose. All patents, trademarks and design rights have been brought together here.

However, there are also alternative ideas. Tesla has released its patent portfolio for everyone to use. (

Über die Ziele kann nur spekuliert werden. Zur sehr erfolgreichen Einführung der eigenen Produktplattform könnte nun der strategische Ansatz für Freigabe sein, die eigene Plattform zum Industriestandard werden zu lassen, um noch mehr Einfluss auf die weitere Entwicklung von E-Mobilitätsprodukten zu bekommen. In anderen Branchen sind auf ähnliche Weise bereits Standards entstanden. In Medien- und Kommunikationsindustrie haben Indsutriestandards auf der Basis von IP-Pools zu standardisierten Schnittstellen geführt. (USB, Micro-USB, MP3, VHS, usw. ) Im Banknotensegment sind so allgemeingültige relevante Sicherheitsstandards entstanden. In allen Fällen waren die Unternehmen, die den Standard mitgestaltet haben, immer sehr erfolgreich bei der Vermarktung des eigenen Produktportfolios. One can only speculate about the goals. For the very successful introduction of your own product platform, the strategic approach for approval could now be to let your own platform become the industry standard in order to have even more influence on the further development of e-mobility products. In other industries, standards have already emerged in a similar way. In the media and communications industry, industry standards based on IP pools have led to standardized interfaces. (USB, Micro-USB, MP3, VHS, etc.) In this way, generally applicable, relevant security standards have also emerged in the banknote segment. In all cases, the companies that helped shape the standard were always very successful in marketing their own product portfolio. On the other hand the industry's lack of foresight can already be seen in the charging infrastructure for e-mobility. (

No standards for plugs, charging stations, billing systems and a lack of overarching business models create frustration among users and in no way promote broad market launch. Not to be missunderstood: It is not about the free use of protected technologies, it is about open licensing, which generates additional income for the licensor and enables the licensees to have broader market access. A disruption in a business environment could bring added value for many market participants.



A steady flow of newly emerging ideas in companies is both success and motivation for developers and companies. Apple, Google, Tesla, and Mercedes Benz have been among the most innovative companies in the mobility sector in recent years. Fully electric drives for cars and trucks, hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles and autonomous vehicles are examples of this innovative ability. Many of these developments have been protected and can also be valued as part of the company's balance sheet and thus the asset growth of the company. The brand value of these companies alone makes a significant contribution to the international valuation of companies today. Every year the most valuable brands are chosen by the US company Brand Finance. IP rights contribute to the financial success of companies if management is carried out consistently. This includes monitoring competitor infringement of trademarks, patents and designs. This ensures exclusivity and exclusivity ensures significantly higher profit margins when selling products.


Michael Schaub

CEO, IP- and mobility expert

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