Technology Management
Durch gezieltes IP Management kann die Wettbewerbsposition verbessert werden.

Improve your competitive position through targeted IP-Strategy

We help you develop innovation strategies for patents, intellectual property and technologies worldwide.

What individual characteristics constitute my product's USP?

How do I develop innovation strategies for the belonging patents?

  • To what extent do I need to acquire technology for my company?
  • How do I encourage intellectual property at my company?
  • How do I optimize patent costs?
  • How can I effectively utilize the latest technologies from around the world?
  • How do I identify my competitive position?
  • Which USPs offer the greatest customer benefit and are perceived as such by the customer?
  • Where is potential created and how can I exploit it profitably?
  • How do I drive in-house development forward over the long term?
  • How do I find a market for development projects that have been halted?

These and other questions crop up during the course of every IP-Strategy development. We work out the answers to these questions together with you.

We create a selection process that is tailored to meet your specific requirements. We make it easier to market your technologies by carefully selecting the appropriate technologies while examining the right IP-Strategy and the opportunities offered across all the markets. Florenus aims to enhance your competitive position through an innovative IP-Strategy.

We work together with you to develop a IP-Strategy concept for selecting the target markets. Your technologies are packaged in a marketable form, which facilitates selection of the technologies to be licensed. We specify which additional steps need be taken to ensure the successful sale of your technologies. Technology management as performed by Florenus means that you benefit not only from an increase in commercial benefit but also from a reduction in the cost of managing your technology portfolios.

Increase the added value of your technologies – in a sustainable, innovative and profitable way.